My Own Site and My Own Blog (again)

Hey, thanks for checking out my new little corner of the web.

I've actually been on the internets for quite some time. It was now many moons ago, but I (and my friend Paul Nikkel) were among some of the first bibliobloggers (i.e. folks blogging about biblical studies) around. Now there are hundreds. But I remember the time when there was only about a dozen of us (Goodacre, Davila, Carlson, Heard, etc.) It was actually kind of fun being an M.Div. student and having conversations with these scholars. The blog and website was called (still sitting there but not really maintained anymore). What made it really fun for me as a junior scholar was going to SBL for my first time – people knew who I was!

My blogging slowly wound down as I got busy with life, but I started focusing on other things like creating free content (check out the freebies page for some examples) as well as starting to work on creating apps and even publishing.

Once I launched my first mobile app ParseGreek, I started to house all of my Greek related resources. Once I did that, though, I realized that it wasn't really scalable in that it was specific to Greek stuff, and not necessarily the other content I was creating as well as some of my other interests. And I have thought about blogging again for a little while now.

Then it happened. The server holding crashed. The server is owned by a friend, and I can't seem to get a hold of that friend. Given that I'm trying to promote all my stuff, not having a website isn't a great idea. So that pushed me to get this website up and going. So will now point to this site, and I'll have a place to promo any stuff I'm doing, plus start blogging again (which I've been thinking about for awhile).

The topics will be varied, as the sidebar states. I'm obviously interested in Biblical Studies. But if you know me, you know I'm a bit of a tech geek too. I'm also interested in productivity as well as parenting and leadership. This blog will reflect all of that, plus I'll try and point out interesting stuff I find from time to time.

Posted by Danny Zacharias.