NT Greek Stripped Down
Mastering Greek Essentials in Conjunction with Bible Software

Danny Zacharias, edited by Tim McLay

The First Introductory Greek Grammar to Fully Embrace Bible Software in the Learning Process!

New Testament Greek Stripped Down is a unique introductory Greek grammar which seeks to provide students with an understanding of the essentials of Greek grammar while equipping them to make immediate use of Greek for exegesis using Logos Bible Software.

What makes NT Greek Stripped Down unique:

~Equips Students to Immediately To Make Use Of Greek~
Instead of shunning Bible Software as a crutch, this textbook fully embraces the use of Bible software and equips the student to make immediate use of Greek in exegesis through the training and use of Logos Bible software for exegesis in the primary language.

~Built For The Next Generation~
NT Greek Stripped Down is published by Scholar's Publishing, an academic ePublisher. Available for purchase or to rent, the textbook is accessible in any web browser. This means an affordable price and all the richness that technology provides like color fonts, color images, live links, and interactive menus. (paperback version also available)

~Rich Use of Multimedia~
Numerous videos to help understand grammar and learn Logos Bible software are linked throughout the book, as well as ready-made online flashcards to help users remember the core elements of each chapter. 

~Designed To Work In One Or Two Semesters~
Ideal for schools that require only one semester of Greek but also want to equip their students to go further in Greek studies when needed as well. For schools that want the flexibility of offering 1 or 2 semesters of Greek, this book is designed to accommodate.

~Compatible with the Author's Apps and Multimedia Offerings~
Compatibility for NT Greek Stripped Down is built into FlashGreek Pro and ParseGreek apps to enrich the learning experience. In addition, The Singing Grammarian is also drawn upon throughout the text.

~Up to Date and Accurate Scholarship~
This introduction to Greek makes use of and teaches students the latest in Greek scholarship, particularly on components related to Greek verbs.

~Video Lessons Available~
For self-learners or students needing additional teaching time, the author has created video lectures to accompany the textbook. The video course is available on the author's own platform, and is available on any device. In the Udemy video course, students have access to video lectures for every chapter, with accompanying PDF slides, AND the ability to ask questions of the author directly within the course! The Logos Tutorial video course referenced in the grammar is also available.

Not only is the textbook (in its digital form) more affordable than any other current intro Greek grammar, but the companion workbook, video course, and multimedia offerings are all priced with students in mind as well.