Get in Shape, Gain Focus, Achieve your Goals

In this course I talk about my most important life-hacking practice that helps me achieve focus and results — waking up early and going through a consistent morning routine.

I will help you see the benefit of waking up early and show you the practices early risers use to better themselves

  • Get in shape
  • Increase knowledge
  • Get projects done
  • Motivate yourself
  • Achieve your goals

Become an Early Riser

Becoming an early riser gives you more time in the day to focus on routines or projects that you quite often would like to do, but never seem to have the time. By practicing this skill, you add time to your day to focus on what matters to you, before the busyness of the day sets upon you.

Getting up early has been the practice of many people through history. The comforts of modern mattresses have lured us to sleep in. But the reality today is that many of the most successful people and entrepreneurs have a consistent morning routine. You can do this!

Content and Overview

This course will explain the value of sleep and will show you that waking up early does not mean sacrificing the amount of sleep you get.

Most of the course lectures will highlight some of the most popular morning routines, and will show you how to adapt them to your life and goals. This course will discuss:

  1. Journaling and its benefits
  2. Having written goals and written personal mission statement
  3. Benefits of exercising in the morning
  4. How to actually get up early
  5. And so much more...

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