I'm Danny Zacharias

  • Follower of Christ
  • Husband to Maria
  • Father to Lex, Jack, Ella, and Hudson
  • Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies at Acadia Divinity College and NAIITS faculty member
  • Ordained with the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada
  • Online instructor
  • Mobile app developer

BTh, MA, MDiv, PhD

Biblical Studies

I'm passionate about equipping the next generation of Christian leaders with the proper tools and knowledge necessary to responsibly interpret God's Word. My full-time job, blog, online courses, mobile apps, and YouTube videos all come out of this passion, and I hope you find it useful. For my most up to date Curriculum Vitae, please see my Academia page.



I'm passionate about raising great children that will become great adults. It is my desire to be the best father I can be and nurture, teach, instruct, motivate, and guide my kids as best I can. I'm not even close to perfect, but I think I'm doing pretty good, and I'm blessed with a wife who is an awesome mother. I share some parenting thoughts via my blog and hope you find them helpful.



I'm passionate about being as industrious as possible, and enjoy helping others do so as well. I'm a fairly regular reader of leadership, personal growth, and productivity articles and books, and like to pass on this knowledge through my blog and ebooks.


Tech Tips

I'm passionate about my tools. Many people say a carpenter is only as good as his tools – this is true of almost every vocation. I'm a bit of a tech ninja, not because I love technology but because I have long recognized how the right tech and software can be extremely helpful and time-saving.