You've Spent Thousands of Dollars on Logos Bible Software©, you shouldn't have to spend hundreds more to Learn How to Use it!


I am a power user of Logos Bible Software, and I want to teach you to be one too! I will teach you to harness the full power of Logos Bible Software© to open up the scriptures like never before using the most advanced Bible Study software ever.

Like many Logos users, I was over the moon with excitement when I purchased my first Logos base package. However, my excitement quickly dissolved into frustration as I was having trouble understanding how to use Logos for even basic things like searching. Despite being tech savvy and having extensive experience with other Bible Software programs, I was immediately discouraged. But I knew that Logos was a powerful software, and I knew that I wasn't utilizing it to its full extent. I committed myself to learning every aspect of the app so that I could get my money's worth.


The reason you have read this far is because you are in the same boat


Now I'm a power user, and I love teaching others how to fully utilize Logos too. Learn Logos Bible Software with this tutorial course which is designed to cover every aspect of this powerful software for studying the Bible. Several hours of lectures covers not only the desktop version, but includes a section on the mobile app as well. Kickstart your study of the Bible by harnessing the power of Logos, at a fraction the cost of the official Logos training.


**Please note that this covers all aspects of Logos versions 5 through 8.


See a list of all of the lectures below and see why this course has earned a ★★★★★ review!


  • SECTION 1: The Lay of the Land

    • A Note on shortcut Keys

    • Getting to Know the Menus, Windows, and Shortcuts

    • Home, Library, Search, Command Field, and Shortcuts Bar

    • Information Button

    • Customizing Your Homepage

    • Layouts

    • Quickstart Layouts

  • SECTION 2: Reading the Bible

    • The Basics of Navigation

    • Panel Viewing Options

    • Linking Texts together [free preview]

    • Link a Lexicon

    • Finding More Information on Words in the Bible

    • New Additions to the Bible Pan

    • Emphasizing Active Words

    • Multiview Resources

    • Discourse Features and Propositional Outlines

  • SECTION 3: Accessing The Primary Languages

    • English Reverse-Interlinear Bibles [free preview]

    • Using Greek and Hebrew Bibles

    • Clause and Syntax Resources

    • Dictionary of Biblical Languages

    • New Lexicons Outline View

    • Reader's Edition

  • SECTION 4: Digging Deeper With The Guides

    • Passage Guide

    • Additions to the Passage Guide

    • More Additions to the Passage Guide

    • Exegetical Guide

    • Additions to the Exegetical Guide

    • More Additions to the Exegetical Guide

    • Bible Word Study

    • Sermon Starter Guide & Topic Guide

  • SECTION 5: The Tools Menu

    • Program Settings, Copy Bible Verses, and The Explorer

    • Text Comparison [free preview]

    • Bible Facts

    • The Factbook

    • Bible Sense Lexicon

    • Timeline

    • Additions to the Timeline

    • The Atlas

    • Interactive Media

    • Morphology Charts

    • Concordance Tool

    • Media Tool

    • Sermon Editor

  • SECTION 6: Library Management

    • Searching and Organizing

    • Prioritizing Resources

    • Tagging and Rating Resources

    • Hiding Resources

    • Creating Collections

    • Favorites, Bookmarks, and Reading Lists


    • Systematic Theologies Browser

  • SECTION 7: Searching

    • Bible Search

    • Basic Search

    • Image Search

    • Media Search

    • Clause Search

    • Morph Search

    • Syntax Search

    • New Advanced Searching

  • SECTION 8: The Documents Menu

    • Bibliography and Citation

    • Passage List, Prayer List, and Reading Plan

    • Sentence Diagramming, Word Find Puzzle, Word List

    • Visual Filters

    • Soundfaith

  • SECTION 9: Research and Reading Tools

    • Highlighting

    • Clippings

    • Note-Taking

  • SECTION 10: Logos 7 Interactive Resources

    • Bible Browser, Miracles in the Bible, and Speaking to God [free preview]

    • Bible Outline Browser

    • Manuscript Explorers

    • Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament

    • Events Navigator, Character Maps, Character timelines

    • Parallel Gospel Reader and Parallel Pauline Reader

  • SECTION 11: The Logos Classroom: Continuing Eduction in Logos 7

    • Courses

    • MediaTool Education Materials

    • Interactive Media Education Materials

  • SECTION 12: Logos Mobile

    • Home Window

    • The Reading Window, Highlighting, and Note-Taking

    • Lexham Audio Bible

    • Go, Library, Search, and Documents Menus

    • Guides and Tools Menus


An eye opener
I have used Logos since logos 4 first came out and I was amazed at how much I have learned. Thanks for the great lessons. — Jeff Arnette
Excellent Primer
Excellent turtorial that covers all aspects of using Logos. I learned more taking this course than I have experimenting on my own for 2 years. — Michael Kelly
Clearly Explained
Finally, after owning Logos for many years, I feel in control of the program and that I understand all that it can do for me. The lectures are easy to follow and go through every Logos menu item. Brilliant! Thank you. — Graham Bennett
Very informative and helpful!
I just completed Danny Zacharias' course, Mastering Logos Bible Software. I updated to Logos 5 as soon as it was released, not even having mastered Logos 4. I was totally overwhelmed and knew I wasn't using the software to its fullest potential. This course opened up SO many possibilities! I'm finally able to understand the various searches and documents and so much more...definitely worth the money...Danny made this course informative without being dry...the quality of the sound and video is top-notch! Up until now, Logos 5 was nothing more than a glorified e-book reader for me! Now, it's a powerhouse! I'm actually excited to put to use these powerful built-in tools for my seminary courses! — Anita Van Hal
Excellent Training for Logos
Danny's course has what Logos is and examples for using Logos Bible Software for something beyond simple one-word searches. If you've struggled trying to get Logos to do anything they promised it would do, you'll need some aftermarket training (since Faithlife Corp. provides none) and this course is a great place to get it. — J. B. Boren

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