Utilizing Logos 6 for Academic Research 3: Canon Lists

See Video Below

See Video Below

Logos 6 has introduced a total of 24 brand new interactive media resources to their library. Much of this interactive media is cross-linked throughout the software (in the guides, factbook, etc.) but can also be accessed in both the tools menu as well as in the library, where they are categorized as "interactive."

There is some absolute gold in these new interactive media resources, and I'll highlight a few in upcoming blogposts. But there are a few new interactive media that for me as a biblical scholar stand out as offering a wealth of information that was previously more difficult to come by. The one that stands out for me as my favorite of the new interactive media is the new Canon Comparison resource.

The Canon Comparison resource catalogued:

  • 6 church traditions;

  • 21 documents from church history with canon lists; and

  • 13 manuscripts

The result is an impressive interactive dataset for understanding the various lists. Each of these can be viewed on their own, with a brief summary of the document/manuscript/tradition if you are unfamiliar with it.

This is already a huge list. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't think of any other previously published resource that has offered this many canon lists in one place. Previous to this, I have always turned to the appendices of Lee McDonald's book The Biblical Canon, and even that (which is a must for anyone interested in canon studies) did not have this much info.

What supercharges this resource is the ability to compare any of these lists with one another. With a few simple clicks, one can compare the books of Codex Alexandrinus with Codex Sinaiticus, and throw in the canon list of the Muratorian fragment for good measure.

Kudos to Logos for this great new interactive media. And my sincere thanks to the hard work of Eli Evans and Martha J. Smith. You have done us a great service!

Check out the brief video below so you can see the Canon Comparison resource in action

Posted by Danny Zacharias.