The Singing Grammarian is Now FREE!!

Chances are that if you've visited my site, and definitely if you've been my student, you know about my Singing Grammarian publication. In case you don't know about it, the Singing Grammarian is 18 songs and visual presentations for learning New Testament Greek.

I'm happy to announce that as of today the whole collection is now entirely free on YouTube!

I had originally published this product with Kregel Academic publisher, which is a great publisher and who were a pleasure to work with.

However – I just wasn't happy with the distribution. I, and my friend Michael Fredericks, put a ton of work into this project, and I created it first and foremost to help students. So I made the decision to terminate the contract with Kregel.

So as of now, all 18 songs are entirely free on Youtube. YAY!

I've also made them available for a small fee if you would like to download HD video and audio copies of the product.

So start singing away! Check them out on Youtube or purchase them here.

Posted by Danny Zacharias.