I've Just Discovered the Perfect Word to Describe Myself

I came across the word Edupreneur two weeks ago in a random comment somewhere on the internet and I instantly new that this was the perfect label to describe myself. In the online world, I never quite knew what niche I fit it, and often knowing your niche is important for getting lots of readers for a blog. But I like to talk about a lot of things: productivity, technology, education, biblical studies, parenting, etc. There aren't a ton of blogs that cover that range of topics (if you know of any, please let me know in the comments!).

Beyond just blogging, I have also published traditional and self-published books, publish apps, as well as online courses. As far as where I spend most of my online reading time, it is usually in leadership, entrepreneurship, and productivity, and my book reading time is devoted to my academic specialty. All of these things mix into the big pot that is me.

And that's why EduPreneur is the perfect word to describe me. I am a teacher. I believe teaching is my spiritual gift, and I am so very blessed to be in a full time position where I can use my gift to teach and mold future leaders of the church. But I am not merely content to only teach those who come to Acadia Divinity College. Nor am I content to only touch a handful of academics through exclusively academic publishing. My entrepreneurial heartbeat affects my desire to educate well beyond the classroom setting as well. All of my apps, video courses, and blog posts flow out of my passion to educate and equip others — and of course my entrepreneurial heartbeat is happy that some of these ventures help to pay the bills.

Now why was it such a big deal to find this word EduPreneur? Well, I like labels. And for some reason, when I stumbled across this word, it helped me to understand myself a little more, and it made my whole world make a little more sense. I hope you can find that description for yourself too.

Posted by Danny Zacharias.