Learning From Senior Scholars — What Would You Ask?

Biblical scholars, this one is for you.…

If you could sit down right now with a scholar you deeply respect, what would you ask? Now, before you start firing off theological, biblical, or exegetical questions that you can learn by simply reading their published works – what other questions would you ask? About teaching? About work habits? About writing? Publishing? Educational experience? Writing?

As a young and newly minted PhD, I desire to excel at my job. This means continuing to work at my skills as a teachers, as well as honing my skills as a researcher and writer. For me, this means learning from others. There are plenty of scholars I look up to and appreciate, scholars that I not only learn from but from whom I also desire to model my career after.

So I pose the question to you again: If you could sit down with a scholar whom you admire, what questions would you ask?

Why am I asking? Because I intend to ask these questions on your behalf to some senior scholars through the course of the next year. So I need your help so that I know what questions to ask.

Please leave the questions in the comments below. Thanks, Danny.


photo credit: My #AcWri #GetYourManuscriptOut process via photopin (license)
Posted by Danny Zacharias.