iGreek Reborn! The latest update to my Greek reference app

iGreek GP feature.png

Many moons ago I created a reference app for iPhone called iGrεεk. The goal was to provide the Greek student with a handy reference to their Greek paradigms and other relevant information, without having to carry around their introductory Greek textbook.

Unfortunately, I did not keep iGreek up to date. This wasn't due to negligence on my part. It was, rather, because the software I used to create the app was discontinued. Fortunately, iGreek kept functioning well as the iOS was updated. Then iOS 11 finally broke iGreek.

I received a number of emails asking if iGreek would be updated for iOS 11. This was the pressure I needed to look to updating the app.

I am very happy with the result and hope that current users and future users will be too. In addition to an updated user interface, iGreek is now universal, running on iPhone and iPad and available on Android devices too. With this update also comes the addition of some material on Greek discourse, and the addition of the Singing Grammarian videos.

Please take a minute to see my page on iGrεεk to see if it might suit your needs! And for those of you who previously purchased iGreek (and perhaps deleted it off of your phone because of iOS 11) I hope you are happy with the update!

Posted by Danny Zacharias.