Getting Up Early: The Difference It Can Make For You

In my last post, I briefly described my morning routine. In this post I will explain the positive benefits it has had for me, and hopefully convince you that it can make changes in your life too. Following this post will be my last post on the subject, which will provide you with some tips and tools to start your own morning routine.


The Difference It Has Made For Me

Getting up early consistently has made some significant differences for me in my life, and they are directly tied to the different components that make up my morning.


1. Keeping Sight of My Goals

I have numerous goals I am always working on, but goals mean nothing if they aren't on your mind and you aren't constantly moving towards completing them. I would wager to guess that most everyone has goals in their life, and at the same time those very people have not completed those goals. I aim to complete them. My morning routine has provided me a consistent time, at the beginning of every weekday, to remind myself what my goals are and to renew my resolve to complete them.

It is important also to tie your goals with the most immediate actionable item(s). For instance, one of my current goals is to achieve my ideal weight. But that high and lofty goal needs some concrete actionable items. For me, the actionable items are: 1) counting my calories in MyFitnessPal app, 2) exercising every day, and 3) weighing myself weekly. These are daily/weekly things I must do to achieve my goal.


2. Connecting With My Creator

I believe the ultimate reason for my existence is to live in relationship with my Creator – something I am able to do by God's Spirit and through the cross of my redeemer. My morning time of meditation and Bible reading gives me a consistent time and routine every day to hear from God.


3. Pushing to Be the Best Version of Myself

We all fight against the resistance — that inner saboteur that pushes us to mediocrity and bad decisions. By reviewing my mission every morning, I encourage myself to act and live to be the best version of myself.


4. To Stimulate My Mind

Beginning the morning with some book reading (not to mention Bible reading) and morning exercise (even if just a few minutes) awakens my senses, gets my body moving, and makes my mind alert and ready for the day. Imagine heading out of the door every morning alert and ready to go rather than groggy and wishing you were still in bed.


5. It Provides Extra Time to Work on Current Projects

Particularly on weekend mornings when I don't do my weekday routine, waking up early (when the rest of the family sleeps in) provides me with extra time to work on any current projects I might be working on. Or, if I don't feel like working, it gives me extra time to read another book on my ever-increasing books to read list.


Hopefully you can see that what my morning routine has done for me can make the same difference for you. Can you imagine feeling better every morning? Walking out of the house with more energy? You can put boots to the ground and accomplish your goals. You can be healthier than you've ever been.

Go on, I dare you.


photo credit: Sunrise over Brigsley 2 via photopin (license)


Posted by Danny Zacharias.