A Digital Supplement to the SBL Handbook of Style, 2nd Ed.

I am launching a new product today for my fellow colleagues in Biblical Studies and theology called A Digital Supplement for the SBL Style Guide, 2nd Ed. $5


I have continued to provide the full SBL Series and Journals Abbreviations list free of charge here.

Purchase Below

Purchase Below

This digital supplement complements the SBL Style guide, second edition. This file contains the following:


1. Primary Literature Abbreviations

The main component of this digital supplement is an excel sheet with multiple tabs, which contains all of the serial and journal abbreviations contained in the second edition of the SBL Handbook, as well as popular alternative abbreviations. The remaining tabs cover all of the primary literature:

  • Hebrew Bible
  • New Testament
  • Apocrypha
  • Targums
  • OT Pseudepigrapha
  • Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Greek and Latin works
  • Apostolic Fathers
  • NT Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha
  • Philo and Josephus
  • Mishnah and Talmud
  • Rabbinic Works
  • Nag Hammadi

All of this is, of course, is fully searchable and usable for your needs, and conforms the 2nd edition of the SBL Handbook.


2. Serial and Abbreviations List in Word

While the serial and abbreviations list is in the main excel file, for many it will be more usable to have the abbreviations in a tabbed Word document file, again to use as one sees fit.


3. How To Create A Scripture Index on a Mac

I've learned a thing or two while I was a TA for Craig Evans, and now an editor of essay collections. In this PDF I offer a step by step process for creating a scripture index on a Mac. This is a detailed (and long) process, but this process significantly cuts down the time it takes.


4. Screencast Tutorial for Creating an Abbreviations List

Another common job for authors and editors is to create an abbreviations list. Using the abbreviations list in this digital supplement, I show you how to quickly create an abbreviations list for your published work.



A big thanks to my TA Evan Colford for helping me finalize this product and get it ready for distribution.

Posted by Danny Zacharias.